Los Angeles Police Department-LAPD
South Korea Police Department-SKOR
San Francisco Police Department-SFPD
Orange County Fire Department-OCFD 
LA County Sheriffs Department-LASD
New York Police Department-NYPD
Orange County Sheriffs Department-OCSD
SoCal Lookouts Police Team-SOCAL
LA County Fire Department-LACF


Game Locations;
El Cariso Park, 13100 Hubbard St.

Sylmar, CA. 91342
Sierra Canyon High, 11047 De Soto Ave. Chatsworth, CA 91311

Tuesday, Sept 08 @ El Cariso Park
8:30 hours LAPD vs. LACF
11:00 hours LACF vs. OCFD 
14:00 hours OCFD vs. SKOR
16:30 hours SKOR vs. NYPD 
19:00 hours NYPD vs. SFPD
@ Sierra Canyon High School
10:00 hours LASD vs. SOCAL
13:00 hours SOCAL vs. OCSD

Wednesday, Sept 09 @ El Cariso Park
12:00 hours Opening Ceremonies at Sierra (All teams must attend and wear home uniform)

14:00 hours SOCAL vs. NYPD
16:30 hours OCFD vs. LASD
19:00 hours LACF vs. SFPD
@ Sierra Canyon High School 
0:900 hours OCSD vs. LAPD
12:00 Opening Ceremonies at Sierra (All teams must attend and wear home uniform)
13:00 hours LAPD vs. SKOR

Thursday, Sept 10 @ El Cariso Park
8:30 hours SKOR vs. OCSD
11:00 hours OCSD vs. LACF
14:00 hours OCFD vs. SFPD
16:30 hours SFPD vs. SOCAL
@ Sierra Canyon High School
10:00 hours NYPD vs. LASD 
13:00 hours LASD vs. LAPD

Friday, Sept 11 Playoffs

Game 1
9:00 hours @ El Cariso Park 
#5 seed vs. #6 seed

Game 2
10:00 hours @ Sierra Canyon High 
#3 seed vs. #4 seed

Game 3
13:00 hours @ El Cariso Park 
Winner GM2 vs. #2 seed

Game 4
13:00 hour @ Sierra Canyon High 
Winner GM1 vs. #1 seed

Saturday, Sept 12 Championship 
Bronze Medal Game
9:00 hours @ El Cariso Park
Loser GM3 vs. Loser GM4

Gold Medal Game
13:00 hours @ Sierra Canyon High School
Winner GM3 vs. Winner GM4