"Just Say No!" Pledge 
"I pledge to say no to drugs."
"I pledge to say no to joining a gang."
"I pledge to say no to crime."
"I pledge to say no to bullying."
"I will respect & honor my parents."
"I will respect & learn from my teachers."
"I will respect & be courteous to others."
"I will respect & believe in myself."

For a school rally:

Win great prizes including Bicycles, Dodger Tickets,  Toys, Games, and more!

*Take the pledge with your school 

*Write a short essay about the pledge or write out the pledge verbatim

 *The entire school must participate and all students must write about the pledge.
*Schools will be chosen once a month on a first come, first serve bases, or by random drawing based on the number of schools participating. 

Rallies include:
*A discussion w/ law enforcement and special guests about the importance of saying no.
*DJ and other entertainment. 
*Hula Hoop, Dance, and Rap contests for prizes. 
*Prize drawings throughout the rally.
*Reciting of the pledge w/  law enforcement. 
*Police helicopter fly over.
(Prizes include toys, games, bikes, gift cards, tickets)

*Mail the essay or pledge to:
LAPD Baseball Team

Just Say No Pledge Contest
10919 Sepulveda Boulevard #7013
Mission Hills, CA 91345