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The first paid Los Angeles Police force was created in 1869, when six officers were hired to serve under
City Marshal William C. Warren. By 1900, under John M. Glass, there were 70 officers, one for every
1,500 people. In 1903, with the start of the Civil Service, this force was increased to 200.

On June 11, 1887, the Los Angeles Police Department’s baseball team (The Police Nine) played a game of ball
against the Town’s Sheriff Department’s baseball team (The Constable Nines) at Sixth Street grounds in Los Angeles.
The Police Nine vs. The Constable Nine rivalry brought out a huge crowd, including Los Angeles Police Chief
John K. Skinner, and other City officials, to watch the charity baseball game which was the first of many to come.
The game raised $244.95 for Mrs. Watson's Home for Stray Girls. The players for the Police Nine were F. Smith-pitcher,
A. Dillon-catcher, F. Lemon-shortstop, A. C. Clarke-first base, J. L. Rodgers-second base, W. H. Subtle-third base,
T. F. Botello-left field, J. W. Grubbs-center field, J. E. Moore-right field, and W. Jeffries-substitute. The Constable Nine
were E. R. Smith-pitcher, W. A. Hammel-catcher, A. Arguello-first base, C. Alexander-second base, M. Aguirre, third base,
W. H. Hunter-shortstop, G. Sutton-left field, H. Johnson-center field, H. Clements-right field, and W. Cline-substitute.

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