On July 22, 1929, the Department's all black baseball team, " The Lawmen," played a charity game against a team of
black doctors, and other medical professionals appropriately named "The Medicos." The game was played at White Sox Park,
the City's only integrated baseball diamond, and benefitted Dunbar Hospital, which was the only hospital in L.A. that would
treat black patients. The ceremonial first pitch was thrown by Chief of Police James E. Davis, who along with Newton Street's
Commanding Officer, Captain H. A. Hager, several Hollywood celebrities, and City dignitaries were in attendance.
This was the first of several baseball benefit games that The Lawmen would play against The Medicos that year.
The Lawmen would go on to win each game that year, and would raise over $10,000 for various charities in 1929 alone.
They would continue to raise money for the needy throughout the Great Depression and beyond!